My name is Jenna. 

It is so nice to meet you.

I’ve struggled with food, weight, and my body for YEARS! I finally found a way to lose the weight and keep it off, all while feeling energized, without having to give up the foods I absolutely love or doing exercise routines that I don’t like. 

When I say I struggled…I STRUGGLED! I have gone to extremes to lose weight and even when I did lose the weight, it was a disaster trying to keep it off. Nothing seemed to work! I would end up gaining it all back and be more unhappy than ever. Only to be left to do it all over again. Gaining and losing the same 15 pounds, time and time again. It left me feeling fatigued, irritable, emotionally dis-regulated, spiritually drained and the list goes on. 

I began asking myself, “Isn’t there a better way?”  I started doing some trial and error.  I began studying. I read and read. What I discovered was AMAZING and actually quite simple. It took some practice and an open mind but with persistence and patience I finally shed the weight and NOW easily maintain my ideal weight. 

Through the process I discovered simple ways to forever change my relationship with food. I began to APPRECIATE my body. I was no longer obsessed with the number on the scale because I FELT so GOOD. I had energy, I ate what I wanted, and truly healed my relationship with my body. The best part…all the time I used to spend consumed with food and weight, is now being spent doing other things…BIG things…the things I put off because “I wasn’t ready.”

If you struggle with yo-yo diets or you obsess over thoughts about food, I have the solution to share with you!


CPC, Certified Personal Coach

MSW, Master in Social Work

LICSW, Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker

BA, Bachelor of Arts in Psychology